A Great Box of Cocktails

Ah would you look…. yes these are cocktails, just add ice! What a great design, certainly innovative. These are NIO Cocktails, perfect when you’ve minimum space or for deliveries as gifts!

Each cocktail is packaged in its own uniquely-designed sleeve – ideal for lining up on a shelf to stock your very own cocktail bar or for spreading out on a table for you and your friends to pick and choose from. When it’s time to enjoy, simply shake the sleeve, pinch and tear off the corner, and pour over ice. It’s that simple.

And with sustainable packaging always on our minds, these guys are ticking that box. NIO Cocktails have only ever used card for their letterboxes and cocktail sleeves, with every iteration of the cocktail pouches increasing the percentage of Bio-based material used. NIO only use FSC paper that’s 100% recyclable for the sleeves, and the inner liquid pouch is currently 45% bio-based. Their goal is to be 100% compostable.

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