Beautiful signage

January 27, 2010     /

This signage design, found at the Surry Hills Library in Sydney Australia is just great. The design by Collider, seemlessly fuses with the architecture, integrating and moving with the building’s different materials, it is simply beautifully crafted. Love it.

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  1. David

    You’ve got to be kidding!!! What idiot would design a sign which is black on black? It’s impossibe to read this sign unless (as in the photo) you carefully get the light to shine form the right direction. Signs are meant to be READ, if they look cool as well that’s a bonus, but only a minor consideration!

    • penhousedesign

      Ok I get your point, but these signs are in a library and so will be read up close. Also I think they are almost like sculptures in their own right and are ‘quiet’ in design, so I think fitting for the environment they were designed for. I love the design I have to say, and I suppose I would suggest that big and bold isn’t always necessary when designing signage for quiet, contemplative spaces?

  2. jimmii

    jeez. everyone has different point of view. David you’re living in a such small world. some would say that beautiful some would say it’s ugly. like Design means different to everyone. me, aesthetically beautiful is the most important thing. and you certainly has such a narrow mind hahaha

  3. jimmii

    oh and thanks for posting nice image. I like it

  4. penhousedesign

    Thanks Jimmii! Glad you like. Isn’t it good that we all have different opinions, world would be very boring if we all thought the same way ;)

  5. Stephanie

    Blueprint Concepts was engaged in this particular project, check it out:

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