Canada: For the Fun of It!

June 29, 2012    

We like this new campaign and confident approach to tourism marketing for Canada. Its pokes fun at the clichées while cleverly showing there’s so much more to Canada. Its also personable and using an ‘easy on the eye’ Canadian actor like Eric McCormack is always a help!

Outside of the humour pokes, it’s refreshing to get (what appear to be) personal recommendations on where to visit, or stay, or eat. It’s how we often select our travel destinations, word of mouth, a friend recommended, saw it on Facebook or TripAdvisor. I now want to take that 2 hour tube float on the river in the hot sunshine with my cooling beers!

In days of greater information sharing, this approach to tourism fits right in and we think they can expand on it nicely. Other well known Canadian actors, sports people, business owners, politicians, you never know who might turn up to give their personal favourite recommendations to tourists visiting their country. It will be interesting to watch how this grows. Nice approach, simple but very effective.

See some more of their clips here, some are fun, some are genuinely informative, all are quirky and collectively promote a common message for the country.

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  1. Modmissy

    LOL!! Loved the Eric McCormack clip. Go Canada Go!

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