February 15, 2017 illustration, penhouse

Connected Futures – A Vodafone Series

Connected Futures for Vodafone promotes connectivity around Ireland and especially in rural locations and Penhouse were delighted to have branded this initiative and designed the material. It’s particularly relevant for us as the designers, since it promotes rural connectivity through…read more »

November 17, 2014 branding, illustration

Norwegian Passports – possibly the prettiest passports in the world

Ooh these are beautiful – new passports for lucky Norwegians. The design, conceived by Oslo based Neue Design Studio was selected for its simplistic solution. We love its cleanliness in design and clever link with function too. There are 3…read more »

Make a Christmas Angel from Penhouse

We’re wishing you a colourful and creative Christmas from the angels here at Penhouse! Download our origami angel template here, follow the simple instructions and make us up to sit in your tree, on your desk, or table centrepiece! Get…read more »

Clever eco-friendly packaging

Coca cola is best served cold, to publicise this fact the coca cola company have rolled out a new ad campaign in Columbia. Instead of using their standard plastic or glass bottles the campaign used bottles crafted from ice. After use these…read more »

Kokeshi Matches

Don’t you just love these! It’s yet more cool stuff from Japan. Kokeshi: matches with faces, started as a product of pure creativity in 1994, as a part of a group exhibition. Kumi Hirasaka hand drew faces onto the heads…read more »

3D Printed Children’s Art

Scribbles stuck on the fridge door not enough? We recently came across a fab website called Crayon Creatures. Barcelona-based designer Bernat Cuni describes his new venture as  ‘a service to turn children’s drawings into figurines; nice looking designer objects to decorate the home and office…read more »

January 25, 2013 illustration, just for fun, penhouse

The Big Egg Hunt for Jack and Jill

What excitement! We’ve been asked to join the select few and decorate a giant egg for the The Big Egg Hunt in Dublin 2013. Time is tight (we only got the egg today), but the heads are buzzing with ideas….read more »

February 29, 2012 illustration, packaging

Beautiful Chocolate Packaging

Oh what a find. We’re working on a number of very cool packaging and branding projects at the moment for a range of food businesses and so we’re creating lots of different designs and seeking out lots of alternative ways…read more »

February 11, 2011 animation, illustration, just for fun

Feelin some tiger Love…

a bit of lovin’ fun

Gotta love those ‘Deliciously stylish’ walls

Read about this before, and forgot to follow up with it, till I saw the piece in Design Week, what a thrill! Beautifully illustrated walls will grace the premises of the Zizzi Ristorante pizza houses, each created by a different…read more »

Mail Me Art…

What a great idea for an interesting exhibition, no set brief, no theme, just decorate an envelope and post it. Found this on Creative Review, where they wrote about Curator Darren Di Lieto, who asked illustrators and artists to post…read more »

feast yourselves

What a simple and truly lovely idea! Meet your neighbours at your local street feast – a garden party, a street bash or pals in the park – bring your community together and have some fun in the process. We’re…read more »

movers and shakers…

Some great illustrations here, with really cool type and a decent soundtrack. Found this refreshing piece of animation on Creative Review from a Canadian by the name of Matt Luckhurst. Its his first music video, and what a great way…read more »

February 25, 2010 illustration, packaging


Some of us here have given up chocolate for Lent, so its only fitting that we feature this lovely packaging design by Valerie Courtney. We came across this piece on the Dieline website. Save

February 17, 2010 animation, illustration

Sherlock Holmes Credit Sequence

The beautiful end sequence to the recently released Sherlock Holmes movie. Created by Prologue Films. Here is an interview with Creative Director Danny Yount over on Graphic Exchange.

February 8, 2010 illustration, web design

over the rainbow…

I like what they are trying to do with this website for Skittles | Experience the Rainbow. It has some fun, exploring its identity and playing with the colour theme. Definitely it is trying to be different. Some high points…read more »

February 4, 2010 illustration, packaging

A Giant Leap…

LEAP Organics have brought out this truly beautiful range of organic soaps, which we found on the Lovely Package site. Designed by Moxie Sozo, with illustrations by the gifted Charles Bloom, these packaging designs will definitely make any shelf look…read more »

February 3, 2010 animation, Awards, illustration

An Oscar we love…

Congratulations to all at Cartoon Saloon on their Oscar nomination for The Secret of Kells. We were lucky to visit the studio while the film was being made a few years ago and saw first hand their magnificent artistry. Good…read more »

Time for Tea, creatively…

Lovin’ these teabags… This year we produced some Penhouse Peppermint Tea. We think we packaged it nicely, some of you may even have sampled it, but these designs really take the biscuit. Produced by Royal Tea, they also come as…read more »

September 25, 2009 illustration, Logos, stuff we like

Make Believe…

Sometimes something really special comes along that we are just delighted to be involved with and the Make Believers is one of those such projects. Its a brand new charity which brings the real Santa to children in need.  We…read more »