August 10, 2019 inspiration, stuff we like

London Design Festival

London Design Festival is a foot so lots to enjoy if you’re heading for the city. ‘Please Be Seated’ is top of my list – a beautiful installation to be seen in Shoreditch London, one of the 11 ‘design districts’…read more »

October 11, 2011 inspiration, packaging, stuff we like

Papernomad stylish cover for ipad

What a truly creative, personalised, earth-friendly cover for you ipad – we love

August 19, 2011 inspiration

We love pencils, but *super* love these…

We’re hearing… ‘how?’ ‘What the?’, ‘Is that…?” Yes it is.. The pencil’s wood and graphite have been beautifully sculpted to make this beauty by DALTON GHETTI“At school I would carve a friend’s name into the wood of a pencil and…read more »

Gotta love those ‘Deliciously stylish’ walls

Read about this before, and forgot to follow up with it, till I saw the piece in Design Week, what a thrill! Beautifully illustrated walls will grace the premises of the Zizzi Ristorante pizza houses, each created by a different…read more »

Creatives + Cake = Sweet…

What a super idea…combine the talents of creatives and artists with some of UK’s most talented cake makers for a delicious exhibition!

Levi’s bring it back to the people…

I found this piece on The Shortest Word which profiled exactly the sort of campaign I was looking for – it features the new brand campaign just launched by Levi’s in the States. It’s quite beautifully articulated and the sentiment…read more »

feast yourselves

What a simple and truly lovely idea! Meet your neighbours at your local street feast – a garden party, a street bash or pals in the park – bring your community together and have some fun in the process. We’re…read more »

Time for Tea, creatively…

Lovin’ these teabags… This year we produced some Penhouse Peppermint Tea. We think we packaged it nicely, some of you may even have sampled it, but these designs really take the biscuit. Produced by Royal Tea, they also come as…read more »

July 31, 2009 inspiration

Funky Foam Ideas

Need to bring a point-of-sale promotion to life or get that launch into the papers? Check out this Co Louth based company ‘Made in Hollywood‘ for some foam based funky ideas. We posted this link before and Fran got in…read more »