I want a bunny suit

Have always liked Stefan Sagmeister (co-founder of design firm Sagmeister & Walsh) and here he is with a film on designing happiness. The Happy Film is a feature-length documentary in which he undergoes a series of self-experiments outlined by popular…read more »

Clever eco-friendly packaging

Coca cola is best served cold, to publicise this fact the coca cola company have rolled out a new ad campaign in Columbia. Instead of using their standard plastic or glass bottles the campaign used bottles crafted from ice. After use these…read more »

Olympic fun

Lots of Olympic Fun happening in London and beyond. We found this beauty and had to share! – View it here. Simple idea by Gillette in Germany and good fun. Sure doesn’t everyone love an opportunity to stand into the…read more »

App…itising Cupcakes

App…itising cupcakes – Sweet

November 18, 2010 random inspiration

funny fat monkey – fashioned from flip-flops

Ever wondered what to do with all those spare shoes lying around? Why not make a big fat monkey! How cool is this….straddled on a bench, in a park in Sao Paulo Brazil, lies the giant animal, created by Rotterdam…read more »

Mail Me Art…

What a great idea for an interesting exhibition, no set brief, no theme, just decorate an envelope and post it. Found this on Creative Review, where they wrote about Curator Darren Di Lieto, who asked illustrators and artists to post…read more »

Levi’s bring it back to the people…

I found this piece on The Shortest Word which profiled exactly the sort of campaign I was looking for – it features the new brand campaign just launched by Levi’s in the States. It’s quite beautifully articulated and the sentiment…read more »

January 29, 2010 just for fun, random inspiration

Dress your legs up!

How cool are these tights from Les Queues de Sardines? Screen-printed by hand in limited quantities, these will never go unnoticed. Their range of stockings and tights showcase their unconventional and unique graphic style.

Time for Tea, creatively…

Lovin’ these teabags… This year we produced some Penhouse Peppermint Tea. We think we packaged it nicely, some of you may even have sampled it, but these designs really take the biscuit. Produced by Royal Tea, they also come as…read more »

May 26, 2009 random inspiration

Forget about your standard cushions, check out these fab creations from adorned with limited edition prints. Save is a great site to keep up to date with developments in graphic and web design. It’s updated regularly with lots of helpful tips, interesting articles, links to great work and some freebies, like free fonts (below).

Great website for business card design inspiration. Below is one of the designs from the site, a wooden card designed for a gallery called Fifth Floor Gallery. Save