Good logo design – its never wrong

January 13, 2012     /

I came across this interesting post reviewing the new Design Museum Shop identity. The new logo and rollout is slick and sophisticated, pared down simplicity which neatly ties in with the overall brand identity. It contrasts hugely with the previous design which was full of character and fun, loved by visitors. Neither is wrong, both are great. Comparing them shows perfectly how a change in brand identity design can alter the mood, personality and tone of a business.

Sometimes when we are approached by new clients to look at their logo or brand identity, we might be asked “Have you ever designed for a business like ours before?” My answer is always the same. Design is design, our role is to make the design, great design. Its always personal. It should always be specifically for that client, match their business, reflect their people and work to appeal to their clients. A brand identity can and often does require change as the business grows and sometimes shifts direction. Our role as designers is to monitor this and design appropriately.

The Design Museum story demonstrates perfectly how a business can redefine its market positioning with a change in identity. The shop now seems changed, its role more serious. Both identities are well designed, yet hugely different. Shopping here is a lot more serious now, I know I’ll get good design here but alas no more colouring books I’m guessing… G.

Visit the museum here. Read more about this story here on Creative Review

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