Let’s Create Some Good

May 15, 2009    

hp-main Came across this interesting approach to creative thinking for the greater good As designers we create so much of what is seen, used or experienced daily. It is our role to think laterally and invent clever ways to encourage the sale of products or services but why not also use these skills to come up with ideas that help repair some of the problems in the world! David Berman invites us to take a pledge online to commit to some creative time for the greater good. Take it, and who knows where the journey will lead you…



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  1. David Berman

    I’ve just scrawled Simon Berry’s initiative in the margin of the artwork for the upcoming second printing of the Do Good book. Meanwhile, thank you for urging everyone to take the pledge! Be well, David

  2. Simon Berry

    Thanks for bringing colalife to the attention of your readers. The picture you used shows the very first ‘aidpods’. We now have Mark 2! You can make your own:

    A GIANT version is going on display shortly at the NESTA HQ in London:


  3. gill

    How cool is that, thanks a mill, we think its great stuff what you’re doing. Will stay following…

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