Levi’s bring it back to the people…

July 5, 2010     / / /

I found this piece on The Shortest Word which profiled exactly the sort of campaign I was looking for – it features the new brand campaign just launched by Levi’s in the States. It’s quite beautifully articulated and the sentiment is very powerful.

This strong short film builds on a trend which I have seen starting to grow. It promotes power to the people, as we struggle with major changes in the world. Participation by ‘ordinary’ people in building brands and making statements through gentle movements, is making strong strides. This story of an American town, could be anywhere, and its message is one which Levi’s has bonded with. It will be interesting to see how this campaign, and new trend unfolds…

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  1. Scatterbox

    Holy emotional campaign. Being from the Cleveland area, I’ve seen towns like this before. It brings a tear to my eye to see a place with such inherent beauty in its structure be reduced to a fraction of what it was. Kudos to the residents for sticking with their hometown and pulling together to make it great again. Kudos to Levi’s for thinking outside their walls, taking on this challenge, and recognizing that we need a return to what makes this country great… the people, not the corporations.

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