Lily O’Brien’s New Chocolate Bars #LOBBarLaunch


And they’re now in the shops! Our latest design work for our favourite chocolate company – Lily O’Brien’s – sees the launch of  a brand new range of luxury chocolate bars. The packaging design is a little change to the look, we’ve added a little foil and a few new colours to the palette, they even have a new bar story too:

For the past number of years I’ve been experimenting with tastes and textures.  Gently stirring French caramel, squeezing Brazilian oranges, toasting biscuit pieces mixed with golden malt, tearing refreshing peppermint leaves.  Adding just a twist of basil, a hint of bergamot or a pinch of Himalayan salt. My final selection marries my signature chocolate with exciting tastes and flavours. Choose a bar. Break off a square. Melt into your perfect chocolate moment. Keep it just for yourself or share!

The flavours are fab, with mint chocolate and a hint of basil, honeycomb, chocolate orange and the ever popular sea-salt in dark and milk chocolates, among many others.

Launching officially next Wednesday, look out for the hashtag #LOBBarLaunch to keep up with their buzz…


‘Some of your best work yet! Can’t believe the reactions!’

Suzanne Walsh,
Lily O’Briens