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September 25, 2009     / /

the_make_believersLOGOcolourSometimes something really special comes along that we are just delighted to be involved with and the Make Believers is one of those such projects. Its a brand new charity which brings the real Santa to children in need.  We helped them with their new name and identity design. This weekend (Sept 25th) they’re holding a great fund raiser in Durrow so if you can you should try to go, it will be lots of fun

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  1. M. Dunne

    Hi there, went to Durrow today with the kids and had a fabulous day. Your charity brings lots of fun to well kids too. we are just delighted to be able to help the challeneged ones too. Thank you for a fab family day out.
    You do fantastic work and I would like to donate more please tell me how I can.
    Thanks and regards,

    • penhousedesign

      hi there. Thank you so much for your comments and so glad you enjoyed durrow. I will pass this onto Finn who is the organiser and ask her to contact you directly for your very kind offer of donations. We are merely the designers but we plan to work on a site soon where there will be a lot more details available.

  2. martina mc donagh

    hi my name is martina mc donagh i wounld like say that i was at the make believer yesterday with my husdand and kids we had a wonderful day the kids love it and i would like to thank all the staff the were helpful to us thank u all

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