Papernomad stylish cover for ipad

October 11, 2011     / /

You know the feeling, browsing online and you suddenly get inspired. Immediately you want to sketch, to draw, to doodle, to jot, to paint, to scribble, bursting to get a pen to paper to put the creative idea in print. But you’ve traveled light, you’re online, and the nearest back of an envelope will be long lost tomorrow. Now we found an ideal solution from Vienna by Papernomad and we just love it!

It is designed from beautifully stitched tear-resistant brown paper – my favourite to draw on – made into an earth friendly stylish case for your favourite digital viewers. Your ipad, iphone, or laptop is wrapped in sheep’s wool lining to provide the cotton cushioning, and is sealed magnetically with a hemp strip. It can remain clean or be personalised however you choose. Write, draw, paint, design as you wish.

What an absolutely beautiful website and film too. The only hard part is where do you start with your doodling? What if you make a terrible mistake? Oh the pressure, but what fun!! I want one. So how would you decorate yours? G

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  1. Peter Munro

    iPad cover looks great. I would decorate mine like the back wall of this photo:

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