Penhouse Design, Ratheniska – now the fastest design company in Ireland!

Who knew that our countryside design studio, based in the middle of Ratheniska in rural Ireland, would ever have Tokyo’s broadband speeds? The ‘Plough and the Stars‘ promo by Siro, launched at the National Ploughing Championships in Ratheniska this year with somebody we know staring into the distance and rocking that slow-mo look! It was a fun day of filming here in the Penhouse studio and another interesting day with some men and a drone. The weather played ball and the wildlife – birds and dogs – all joined in too. We were even lucky enough to get that rainbow! So now you can all see exactly where we work and how rural we really are.

Siro’s super high-speed broadband has us quite excited. Our remote location has only ever allowed us access to satellite broadband options, which were always fine, but now… this fibre-optic superspeed solution is quite the jump. Our files are uploading and downloading in seconds. Visitors to our studio here are in awe at the speed, equally so because of our location!

We know we’re really lucky that our little patch was selected for this Siro trial and excited for all of the community here to see as the year unfolds just exactly what we can do with it…