9th Degree Coffee Roasters – branding & packaging

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The very first day I rocked up to Dublin Barista School to meet with owners James and Linda, I drank some great coffee and heard their story. They had a vision for a new venture – to build an online coffee subscription service, ethically sourcing the best coffees from small farmers around the world. This vision became a reality as we spoke and talked of branding and packaging this new product.

Penhouse were involved in the naming process (did you know the world’s first coffee and James’s first sourced coffee farmer came from Ethiopia – found on the 9th Degree of latitude?). We designed the identity and packaging design options, ensuring suitability and practicality for postage. Through the Superbrands initiative with Brod Bia, the designs were consumer tested and the favourite logo was our simplistic 9 with travel stamp motifs.

Each coffee pack, is delivered wrapped in tissue and an accompanying post-card from the farmer’s origin, detailing the coffee’s qualities, each one unique to a region. It is an ideal gift for yourself or the coffee lover in your life!

Within a year of the branding being completed, 9th Degree had opened its own coffee shop in Dublin and now proudly sells its many niche and popular freshly roasted coffee beans from the shop as well as online. We have since gone on to deliver designs for their other businesses as this dynamic company expands. Follow them on all the social media sites and visit them online to subscribe for coffee

Myself and Linda found dealing with yourself and your team to be fantastic. You delivered on everything that we were looking for and we really trusted in your skills.
James McCormack, Dublin Barista School

Dublin Barista School / 9th Degree
Design Brief:
Branding, product naming, copywriting, Identity design, packaging design, marketing literature

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