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David from Ballykilcavan Brewery came to us with his idea to produce a Laois craft beer. The brewery is based on David’s farm near Stradbally, Co.Laois, which has been in his family for 13 generations and where they grow their own award-winning grain to make their beer. We discussed his plans, for beer and more, and he invited us to create an identity for the company and packaging design for their initial beer – Bin Bawn Pale Ale.

It was clear to us from day one that it would be important to capture a sense of place and heritage in the design and David was keen to for us to have some fun with the identity too. The Walsh family crest is a griffin, and this griffen can also be found on the farm’s weather vein which sits on top of the grain house. We decided to design an identity with the Walsh griffen at its core.

We created lots of griffen options, some housed in crests looking quite distinguished, others flying over the grain houses and the final fellow selected – loud and more abstracted – sits boldly on the label front in a defined silhouette, with the farmyard silhouette at its rear. We designed the label and a broad range of support marketing material including the beer taps, point of sale material, posters, beer mats and a range of digital advertising.

Within the first year, David had launched an additional 3 beers -and since then has gon on the launch, special ales, stouts and canned beers, many winning awards.

Always very active across social media, Ballykilcavan Brewery can be found on Facebook, Instagram or X for exciting events such as farm walks, talks, tastings and even pickings… where seasonally people are selected to join him on his farm to help hand-pick the hops crop, rewarding with some samples of the limited edition beer!

We’re delighted the design has grown so fondly with customers. Its is always a pleasure working with David and exciting to see his venture growing so well in our own home county.

Client Comments:
I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you’ve done with

our branding.  I think it’s really captured everything I wanted my customers to see and everyone I speak to, customers, stockists and funding agencies, is really impressed with it.  It really stands out on the shelves, and in a busy market, that’s exactly what I need. It’s been a real pleasure working with you and the team, and has been one of the most fun parts of starting the business.
David Walsh-Kemmis

Ballykilcavan Brewery
2017 –
Design Brief:
Branding, Logo, Packaging, Illustration, Display material, Point of Sale, Advertising.

Designed by Penhouse Design