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National Heritage Week is a week-long event, run annually across Europe and in Ireland it’s organised by The Heritage Council. Over the course of the week, there are a huge amount of Heritage themed events taking place in every county. We were commissioned to create a new vibrant brand for the event in 2017.

The National Heritage Week branding should appeal to everyone, from young children to families and older age groups but it was to be important to engage not only with the rural audience, but the younger urban audiences too.

We created a new identity allowing fluidity for this year and future years. Where Heritage Week takes ownership of the ‘h’ and allows for changing themes, imagery and taglines with each year it takes place. In its first year the ‘h’ housed the Irish stag and in the following year, this changed to the Irish fiddle, tying in with the European theme selected each year. The identity embraces a strong pink colouring and appeals to a broad audience of all ages, so that is always relevant, eye-catching, vibrant. This coupled with the use of strong imagery linking nature, built heritage and people, really works to enhance the brand.

In subsequent years we have overseen the rollout through the creation of brand guidelines and the design of a suite of branded key pieces including posters, civic banners, programme cover and template cover (for each county to use), display material, advertising.

Many thanks again for all your work. It really looks great. From the feedback the rebrand of Heritage Week is working extremely well. This is evidenced by the fact that all of the heritage officers are buying into it. We are getting really great coverage of it and people really like it. The use of the brand guidelines is working really well. Overall it is a great success and the design fits the vibrant, active connection between people and heritage in a very contemporary way.
Isabell Smyth, Head of Communications and Education, The Heritage Council

The Heritage Council
2017 –
Design Brief:
Logo, Brand Identity, marketing material, advertising, literature

Designed by Penhouse Design