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We began working with Kildare Library and Arts Services a number of years ago when they initially decided to run a Reader’s Festival. They asked us to look at branding the festival for them. We illustrated a couple of characters to link with the festival and produced some accompanying literature, allowing them to continue their look online. The festival has run for a number of years now and has been a popular event in the literary calendar.

Following the Reader’s Festival success, we were approached to look at their libraries communications. Opening hours were being reduced in the branches which would be hard to sell to the public and so we were asked to help them market this in a positive, pro-active way. We developed the concept of the library working around the clock with ‘Time for Everyone’ being the new tagline. We designed a distinctive look with a clear colour palette for a range of literature, posters and even ‘posh’ return library bins! Their branding is distinctive and communicating their messages well.

Client Comments:

“The team at Penhouse have played an incredibly supportive role in creating a brand identity for the first Kildare Readers Festival. The enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism displayed by the team made the design process a really enjoyable experience. The brochure for the festival is nearly there, it looks great and we are all really happy with it. Leonie has been fantastic throughout it all. We are all delighted with the finished products.”

“Everyone has been asking me who is responsible for the fabulous brochures and posters, so I am name checking you everywhere! We are all thrilled with the design and it is just what we wanted so a big thank you to you for all your patience and support. Hopefully you will get to come to some of the events (I am sure you know them off by heart now) and we can have coffee/wine/cake to celebrate!!”
“Just to let you know that our 4 stands have arrived and they are just beautiful. Everyone is admiring them. I have put them around my desk here! Liking them so much I may leave them there!”

Anne Myler
Executive Librarian
Reader Services,
Kildare Library and Arts Service
Kildare County Council

Kildare Library and the Arts
Since 2009
Design Brief:
Branded campaigns, logo design, posters, flyers, booklets, advertising, exhibition & display material

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