Monaghan Heritage Office – Branding and Strategic Plan

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The Heritage office in Monaghan County Council already had an existing identity, when they initially approached us to refresh their branding. We retained the celtic bird motif and modernised its setting for a more contemporary logo. To support the primary logo, we styled a suite of matching illustrations to expand on the overall branded look. We defined a select colour palette and more refined font choices. When the identity was styled, we looked at their publication design.

The first publication we produced was Monaghan’s Heritage Strategic Plan 2020-2025. The Monaghan Wetlands booklet designed soon followed.The two documents are cohesively branded for the office and yet, have their own distinctive look. We have retained the same colour palette and a defined styling to brand the heritage office with distinction.

“Penhouse are friendly, good humoured and professional to work with – in 2020 all of our meetings took place virtually, but despite this we established a rapport and understanding of what would serve the report best. They meet deadlines and grasp quickly what is it the client wishes to communicate, building on that ambition to create something that is attractive and impactful. 

Shirley Clerkin, Heritage Officer, Monaghan County Council

Monaghan County Council, Heritage Office
Design Brief:
Branding, Illustration, Publication Design, Infographics

Designed by Penhouse Design