The Heritage Council brand design by Penhouse

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From logo design and branding projects, website styling to reports, books, print and digital communications, we are very proud to have worked with The Heritage Council for numerous years and very much enjoy creating design for their many projects.

Previously we designed Heritage projects for the year of The Gathering, producing material including a booklet designed for the International markets showcasing the many national events.

We’ve also worked with the Heritage Council in the development of National Heritage Week, as it has grown from early days, to a larger, national, week-long festival promoting numerous activities all over Ireland. You can read about our branding work for National Heritage Week here.

The Heritage Council – Isabell Smyth, Head of Communications and Education

The Heritage Council
2006 – present
Design Projects
Various Logo Designs & branding projects, brochures, marketing literature, exhibition and display material, web styling

Designed by Penhouse Design