NCCA – Aistear & Project Maths Design

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We currently sit on the National Council for Curriculum & Assessment design panel which we won by EU Tender. During our time as designers with NCCA we have branded campaigns, worked on reports and produced many digital documents. Two of our better know design projects include: ‘Project Maths’ – a campaign to secondary school students promoting the honours maths curriculum and ‘Aistear’ – The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework

Client Feedback:

“Dear Gillian,

I want to thank you and your colleagues at Penhouse for the outstanding job you did for NCCA on Aistear; the early childhood curriculum framework. We are thrilled with the end result, but the process of working with you was also a positive experience for all the team here at NCCA.

Leonie Rafter merits a special mention in this regard. She showed creativity and flexibility in exploring options and was very open to the ideas and concerns of NCCA at every stage of the work. She was always approachable and accommodating while keeping us conscious of deadlines. Your other team members were of great assistance in the preparation of the online publication, and Gemma Corcoran was a terrific project manager – accommodating, practical and helpful throughout.

I thought that you and your team might enjoy some feedback we have received to date:

  • It is a wonderful addition to the world of early childhood education and a fantastic training resource for our students. I am really enjoying reading it, and I love the design.
  • …and the document is really clear and attractive. Everyone will want hard copies. The use of children’s work is inspired.
  • I’ve just spent a very enjoyable time exploring Aistear. I just love it! What an achievement, you must be so proud!…Well done on all your work in getting Aistear completed and online – the documents look brilliant – very vibrant and interesting. The photographs and children’s artwork makes the document really inviting.

A final word – the team here described Penhouse as ‘fun to work with’. That you brought fun to a high stakes, high profile project such as this, is high praise indeed!

Many thanks again, and all of us at NCCA look forward to continuing our work with you.

With best wishes”

Anne Looney
Chief Executive

Design Brief:
Branded campaigns, logo design, posters, flyers, reports, booklets, digital documents

Designed by Penhouse Design