SEAI – One Good Idea & Schools Campaigns

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We have designed a lot of material for SEAI in the education sector. Some of these projects are one-off design pieces while others are part of larger campaigns.

One of the more popular campaigns is the ‘One Good Idea’ project which has run for many years. It is a very strongly branded suite of printed literature and exhibition display material. We initially developed the overall design working with the logo supplied. Each year the design grows and during this time we have designed leaflets, posters, calendars, wall charts and displays for both exhibition and digital spaces.

A recently completed campaign designed for SEAI within the education sector is the ‘Energy in Education’ pack. This was specifically designed to work as a tool for raising energy saving awareness with Primary and Secondary school students. Each pack consists of an information guide booklet, teacher’s manual and student logbooks. A wall chart was also designed onto which the students can record their energy saving investigation results. All elements were designed with a cohesive look, branding the campaign with a strong identity and collated together in a folder. We have since added to this campaign with a four page A5 flyer and a pull up stand.

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
2006- 2013
Design Brief:
Suite of branded literature, consumer information booklets, illustrations, posters & information packs

Designed by Penhouse Design