Ór – Real Irish Butter

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We began working with North Cork Creameries to develop a name, identity and branding for their new butter product. The final name, ÓR (which is the Irish word for Gold), developed from our team’s brainstorm, sitting with ‘Real Irish Butter’ simply says it like it is. We added the tagline, ‘Nothing tastes better than Natural’, and the combination gives a purity and naturalness to this premium butter from Cork.

The design naturally leaned towards gold colouring and we matched it with a deep teal colouring. The packaging design features a graphic illustration from Kanturk in North Cork showing the pastures of cows in their natural setting by the river. All the milk comes from grass fed cows, so it was important to reflect this in the design, while ensuring a premium look and feel to compete on shelf with long established brands.

Since the product was launched, it has achieved and surpassed the sales targets. Sales continue to increase week on week, building up a loyal base of shoppers around the country and recent award wins have also boosted sales. The product is available in SuperValu stores nationally, and in the top 100 Centra stores.

“Since launching in October 2021, Ór-Real Irish Butter has seen unexpected success. To gain this we needed a design & brand identity that would tell our brand story in all our marketing communication channels and be attractive for customers to pick the product up off the shelf and purchase. From the start of the project the team at Penhouse listened to our objectives, understood them and delivered a brand identify that totally fulfilled the brief. The product within its first year exceeded all sales target and is now available in 80% of SuperValu & Centra stores nationwide, with other major retailer listings imminent. One of the keys to the success to date of Ór-Real Irish Butter, has been the brand identity & design which has allowed us to run very successful brand recognition campaigns in 2022 through digital, social & traditional marketing. Ultimately Penhouse provided us with a brand identity we are proud to promote and that appeals to our demographic.”

Una Murphy, Marketing Manager for Ór – Real Irish Butter

Bord Bia / North Cork Creameries
Design Brief:
Naming, Identity, packaging design, brand guidelines

Designed by Penhouse Design