Ratheniska NS – Primary School Website

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So the nearest business to us, in (the mighty metropolis of) quiet Ratheniska, is our local primary school, run by Pauline Dunne. The Penhouse children are being or have all been schooled there, so it is especially close to our hearts. Hence when they wanted a website, we jumped in. They wanted something fun and child-friendly and we wanted to give them a design that their students (and parents) would be proud of.

We designed the website using the children’s artwork and featuring their photos too. The teaching staff were all taught how to update the website and so they play an active role in update the blog, which works as a great school diary throughout the year.

The site is designed responsively to perform on a mobile device or tablet effectively and the result is an active, lively (we hope happy too) design, that is also functional for staff, parents and students too.


Ratheniska National School
2011 – present
Design Brief:
Website design, posters, Illustration, site management

Designed by Penhouse Design