SEAI – Design of Consumer Literature

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We have been working with SEAI since 2005 and have produced a wide range of design work over this time for the general consumer audience. A number of years ago, see we introduced an illustrative style into the range of consumer publications and have enjoyed designing these for SEAI. Many of our consumer publications fall into the ‘Your Home’ sector of the SEAI suite of literature which can be viewed on their website.? ?Some of the consumer literature we have designed with SEAI includes:

·      Efficient Home Heating – Your Guide
·      Householders – Be Your Own Energy Manager
·      Sustainable Energy – What It Means To You
·      Keep Well and Warm brochure
·      Your Guide to Electricity in the Home

We have also designed various pull-ups, sales pop ups and other display material for a range of SEAI exhibitions. We have a huge amount of experience working with SEAI in the general consumer area and it is one which we enjoy greatly.

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
2006- 2013
Design Deliverables:
Logo designs, suites of literature, consumer information booklets, illustrations, posters and information packs, Exhibition & display material

Designed by Penhouse Design