Team TSI – New Design for Literacy learning & teaching


And its live! What a great time we had designing this, from the initial illustrations of our children and the Team TSI crew, to the Team TSI logo, the website design, resources and great book. Fiona Dunne and Maire Love have developed a wonderful education resource for teachers and students. Its fun, its refreshing and most importantly the children involved don’t really feel its like ‘normal’ school learning. We wanted the design to reflect this.

The ‘team’ we illustrated, which form a huge part of the branding, introduce the book to us, tell the stories, comment online and generally build the overall personality for Team TSI. The team ‘crest’ is the logo, and the overall team styling spans from this, with an easy to follow book layout and website. The book can be bought online and we’d hope it will brighten up any classroom and bring literacy smiles to teachers and students alike. Happy reading!