The Big Egg Hunt for Jack and Jill

January 25, 2013     / /

What excitement! We’ve been asked to join the select few and decorate a giant egg for the The Big Egg Hunt in Dublin 2013. Time is tight (we only got the egg today), but the heads are buzzing with ideas. Its looks so lovely in the studio as it stands, plain white, like its just been laid, but we won’t get away that lightly…


We’re decorating it for our buddies in Lily O’Brien’s, so we need a bit of their chocolate love in the egg. We’ve also been sourcing materials so that we can create our design to withstand the elements for the big expo. Big thanks to Rob in Subvert who is helping us get the right colour Montana street art paints, looking forward to working with them…


Follow our action on Facebook here, we’ll most likely create an album of pics as we go along…

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